Wedding Destination: Italy

Wedding Destination: Italy

How to organize your Italian wedding

Italy is a wonderful country where you can celebrate your marriage. Many foreigners opt for an Italian

wedding. There are a lot of extraordinary wedding venues in Italy.

The fairytale territory of the Alps, the beautiful wedding venues in Tuscany, the marvelous Apulian

farms, the unforgettable Sicilian landscape, every part of Italy is perfect to make your Italian wedding, a

unique and special event.

But what are the procedures and things to do to avoid problems while planning your Italian wedding?

What documents does a foreigner citizen need to get married in Italy?

If you want to get married in Italy, first you must ask for marriage publications and then you have to

sign a wedding report. To do so, you will have to provide the following documents:

  • Identity document valid at international level: passport for non-EU citizens, identity card for

citizens living in one of the EU countries;

  • Birth certificate;
  • A special authorization called “Nulla osta”: a certificate issued by the authorities of your birth’s

country where it is indicated that there are no impediments to marriage under the laws of the countries of

origin of the spouses. This document must be translated into Italian and it must be legalized at the

Legalization Office of the Prefecture where they will check the validity of the signature of the Ambassador

or the Consul.

  • If you want to get marry in a church, you will also need some documents provided by the priest

of the church.

Italian wedding. What does a foreigner have to do when the documents are ready?

After obtaining all the documents needed to get married in Italy, you must go to the central registry of

the Municipality of residence. The Wedding Department will be in charge of the wedding publications and

after eight days from their issuing (at least after 2 Sundays), it will provide a specific certificate attesting

that the publication has been done.

This document must be given to the Civil Service Officer of the Municipality within 180 days.

Afterwards, you can set the date of your marriage.

Getting married in Italy: what you need to know

In Italy there are two types of marriage. It is possible to get married in a church with a Catholic rite or

you can opt for a civil ceremony celebrated by an officer. There are a lot of places to get married in Italy,

beautiful wedding locations. Italy offers the opportunity to get married on the beach, in elegant farms or

in castles. There are a lot of places of great historical and architectural value that will make your Italian

wedding special. Discovering these places is very simple: you just need to go to the offices of the

municipality of the country you have chosen to get married and request a list of places authorized for the

celebration of weddings.

Most of foreigners choosing to celebrate their marriage in Italy are British, American and Russian.

Getting married in Italy: how much does it cost?

Getting married in Italy involves a series of expenses. After choosing the location and the region, you

must choose a hotel where you can host your guests. There are very nice Italian bed and breakfasts where

your relatives and friends can stay. Organizing the wedding lunch or dinner will be the main cost. In Italy

the cost of wedding receptions may range between 100 and 200 euros per person. In addition to this, you

must consider the cost of the photographer, the floral arrangement and the musical entertainment.

Don’t worry, in Italy there are places for every kind of budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your Italian wedding right now!


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